How to Write Different Chapters of a Technical Report

How to Write Different Chapters of a Technical Report

Writing different chapters of a technical report is a matter of great significance.

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Structure of a Technical Report

A proper structure or lay-out of a technical report brings clarity in its presentation.

We should provide the information in such a way that reader can easily find it. They should also be able to understand it easily.

We can do this by dividing the technical report into different chapters or subheadings.

Below is listed a particular sequence of chapters in a technical report.

  • Summary
  • Symbols and Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Experimental
  • Results and Discussions
  • Techno- economic Evaluations
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • Appendices

Structure of the technical report may be as outlined above.

It may also be written in a manner befitting the needs of an organization.

The author has tried to fix the requirements for each chapter in brief.

The same is furnished below.


It constitutes all the salient points of the technical report.It covers all the chapters in proportion to their length. It should cover the following aspects :

– Brief background
– Precise objectives
-Very brief approach
-Most important results
-Brief statement on techno-economic benefits
-Main Conclusions and recommendations

Symbols and Abbreviations

Technical Report- Symbols * Abbreviations
Photographer: Mika Baumeister | Source: Unsplash

We should try to give these, keeping in view the national and international norms.


It constitutes background objectives and scope.

Literature Review

We should try to give present state of scientific / technological developments in the connected field. It should also cover all important aspects pertaining to formulation of the approach.


The approach of technical report may consist of the following:

– Design and selection of equipment
– Design of experiments
– Range of design operating variables to be covered in the investigation
– Experimental techniques and analytical techniques to be used for data analysis
– We should try to give a firm basis and justification for each step


It may consist of the following:

– Description of equipment used or designed
– Experimental test conditions and procedures

Results and Discussion

We should try to present results in the form of figures and tables , and describe them suitably.

We should try to discuss results in the light of the Literature Review and Approach.

Techno-economic Evaluations

Techno-economic evaluation is very important facet of technical writing. This is because it gives monetary aspects related to the project.

We should try to give detailed calculations in the appendix only. We should present important results only in the main text of the technical report.


Conclusions should be brief, simple,straight forward and definite statements based on the results of investigation.

We should not try to make any conjectures and or speculations.

We may make conclusions in a series of numbered points or in paragraph form.

If there is one general complicated conclusion, the paragraph form will be probably better.

Numbered points are best suited to problems that result in a number of relatively simple and definite conclusions. However, we should try to introduce these by a sentence or a brief paragraph before stating them.


It should have the following characteristics:

– Based mainly on conclusions
– We Should ensure that it is concise and presented in a logical manner
– There should be no further discussion or explanation, but simply a list of
specified courses of action
– We may also discuss further scope of work


It is a matter of choice and depends on the author. However, the author may acknowledge the co-operation and help taken during technical report writing.


We should give the references, which are the real ones. These should be the one which we have come across during the investigation or report preparation. We should never cite unseen, unused or unread references.


Sometimes it happens that some essential information may not be included in the main body. We should give such type of information in the end as “Appendices”.

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