Checklist for Good English in Effective Technical Writing

Checklist for Good English in Effective Technical Writing

Ensuring good English in effective technical writing is an issue of critical significance, to bring clarity, so that it serves its purpose.

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We must note here that in technical writing, the use of functional English should always be preferred. This helps to bring clarity and brevity and make the reports readable.

Technical report writers should always observe the following rules-

technical writing - checklist
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  • Do not make sentences too long
  • Do not show wordiness or verbosity
  • Use active verbs in technical writing
  • Do not use a noun, where a verb can be used
  • Punctuate properly
  • Do not underplay key ideas
  • Avoid multiple adjectives,verbiage and abbreviations as far as possible
  • Try to use the same tense all through
  • Make efforts to follow conventions on presentation of numbers
  • Do not dodge
  • Prefer the concrete word to the abstract word and short word to long word
  • Avoid jargons and clichés

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